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tiep is the front-end development, sometime i working as an core development too like back-end development. But most of my time is want to create beautiful theme for customer.

It Began from Feeling on my past experience on developed an self brand on the internet via world wide web, especially there is the web promotion for works, life review, author, selling stuff, or branding company...

I was enjoy to do my job, but beside that i understand how hard are you to publish your product to the web which some way, it maybe which CMS or ecommerce platform you may choice in the lists of thousand platform outhere, that is the special time that i maybe in used, i recommended you to static generation content, for example like Jekyll, it help you publish your first web, which the cost down, or maybe free like me. and much more thing i may will happy to introduct to you late.

I already know the world may change sometime, but for me, i dont know, i love the way static generation content treat me, cost for maintain my website is down, and i can do much better than before i was used to be with WordPress or PHP...

  • Jekyll theme developer

  • Frontend web development

When tiep builds websites, he advocates for these future-facing tools:

  • some time interesting and messing with Vue.js (or React.js)

  • A Jekyll theme that i thing i could development it beautiful.

  • ecommerce run pretty well with Shopify

No tools, skills or experience matter without good project definition and mutual understanding. A collaborative relationship based on dialogue and optimism is the cheapest and most effective method of obtaining this. This also helps define bigger possibilities and better constraints to work with, and anticipates problems ahead of time during the project.


Since fews month before the end of the year 2019, tiep has make a Jekyll theme, and developed it for used only to trying monetize some with adsense, but the traffic is really low, and that time i decided that i will selling this theme to themeforest.net as i see that not much people spent time to working on a theme for selling just around $20, they will chose development a WordPress than Jekyll theme because the price $59 each theme sale on WordPress. I think, i will chose development theme for Jekyll just that moment.

miễn là có ích cho người ta được rồi.MY DAD, FOUNDER, OWNER (VN)


Based in Thái Bình Province, Vietnam, tiep works with local, interstate and international clients. He plugs into product teams, agencies or work one-to-one with business owners. He enjoys family and working interesting like protect the earth :).

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